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What is Salesforce and it's Future? Know its Services and Benefits.

What is Salesforce CRM Tool?


Salesforce is a renowned software company which is situated in America that provides cloud-based CRM services. Salesforce has become a known CRM tool that is meant to support and manage the work of sales and marketing teams of any organization.

Why Use Salesforce?

By using Salesforce CRM Tools, companies can smoothen the work process by tracking the customer activity, help to create a better connection with the partners, the data can be analysed, and customer support to providing better services. Overall Salesforce is cloud-based technology that supports businesses to grow more.

What are the Services of Salesforce?

1. SaaS is elaborated as Software-as-a-Service. SaaS applications are accessed over the internet using standard web browsers. If you are using SaaS, then you don’t have to worry about managing servers, storage space, or any technical aspects of the installation. Examples of SaaS services include Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office 365.

2. PaaS is elaborated as Platform-as-a-service. A cloud platform that delivers pre-packaged solutions, including Software-as-a-Services, Storage-as-a-service, etc. These types of platforms allow developers to focus solely on their product offerings like hosting, building, or deploying consumer-facing apps rather than infrastructure needs. Examples of PaaS services Include AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix, Salesforce, etc.

3. IaaS is elaborated as Infrastructure-as-a-Service. It allows organizations to get access to physical computing resources like data centres, networking equipment, firewalls, etc., along with virtual computing resources like databases and operating systems. Examples of IaaS services Include Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, Linode, SoftLayer, etc.

What are the Benefits of using Salesforce?


1. It Saves Time

Salesforce is a CRM tool through which you can save your time in many ways. Earlier the data was used to maintain manually and then people started maintaining it via excel sheets, but it was tedious to manage the data in excel even. Now Salesforce has simplified the work because it has the feature of maintaining everything in one place. Now no more searching through so many files and logs to get the important data. Also, it has a calendar through which you can prioritize your work and set up reminders too.

2. Accessible From Everywhere

Business can be run well if it is accessible from anywhere across the globe and from any gadget too whether it is Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile. If a person has access to the internet, so the salesforce can be accessible from anywhere. The CRM tool has the characteristic to maintain confidentiality and keep the data secure which makes the important files accessible and keeps you updated.

3. Efficient Enough to Grab More Business

Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool, it’s just a simple automation solution for maintaining all the logs, data, sales funnel, marketing planning, etc of a business. Salesforce manages all the administrative work and maintains the records to get the metrics and analytic reports. Getting work done through the CRM Tools, means getting sufficient time to maintain relations with existing clients and approach potential customers.

4. Get Reliable Reporting

These days, the data is being gathered by social media, websites, applications, analytics, CRM Software etc. Hence, it’s natural that handling the mass of data is a challenging task, as the marketing or sales funnel is based on Leads, Opportunities & Sales. Salesforce being a CRM tool organized all the data smartly. CRM creates separate data for the lead, opportunity, or sales, and also it is arranged on a priority-based.

5. Get Reports on Desired Format

If a user maintains spreadsheets for all the important data, then it might be highly time-consuming to drag the desired data and the reports too. CRM simplifies the work by doing many of the tasks on one platform. By configuring the dashboard, you can get the report in the form of charts, graphs, tables, etc which for sure help you to manage your work efficiently.

Does Salesforce have a Great Career?

 Salesforce has become a brand these days, even micro businesses are adopting Salesforce CRM Tool. Due to the rise in demand for Salesforce, lakhs of job opportunities are available in this field. You may start your career as a Salesforce Developer as it is in the highest demand now, if you have a skill set with appropriate knowledge about its services, then it is obvious that you can easily get the highest paying job. Apart from that, there are many jobs available like, you can also work as Salesforce Administrator, Consultant or Marketing Cloud, etc. Only you need to learn Salesforce to open a new career path.


 There are so many CRM tools that have been introduced in the market, but Salesforce is growing vastly. It not only helps to manage the data but also helps to attract more businesses. You can connect Ranklogiq to learn in detail about Salesforce and get resolved the present business issues instantly. Along with Salesforce, you can learn other Technical Courses with us.

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