What is AngularJS and Why a Developer Should Learn it?

What is AngularJS and Why a Developer Should Learn it?

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What is AngularJS? 

 AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that was created by Google in the year of 2010. The Mark Up Language which AngularJS uses is HTML Language for its Syntax, but it is programmed under JavaScript. The Angular JS is a Dynamic Language and HTML is a Static Language. If it is used together, the developer can build web applications more effectively. AngularJS is used to build Single Page Applications (SPA) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). AngularJS is known for its simplicity, speed, and great documentation, and is open source.

 In addition to this, AngularJS has good performance, data binding, dependency injection, routing, unit testing, localization, internationalization, and forms.

 As AngularJS works on the MVC concept i.e., Model View Controller, which identifies the data behaviour, view, and logic layer. These layers help to fetch the data, modify it and display the data to a user. Whenever the view changes or anything clicked by a user, angular JS itself tries to tackle it at a controller and adjust the data in the model and show it to the user.

What Makes AngularJS Different?

 There are several differences between AngularJS and other frameworks including, but not limited to, the fact that AngularJS does not use MVC architecture. Instead, AngularJS uses a combination of directives, controllers, services, and filters to create applications. Another difference between AngularJS and other similar frameworks is how the framework handles the DOM. AngularJS uses two-way data binding, while other frameworks use one-way data binding. Lastly, AngularJS separates business logic from view code, unlike other frameworks.

• AngularJS has the capability to develop Single Page Applications in an appropriate and maintainable way.

• AngularJS offers the user a rich and responsive experience as it has the capability of data binding to HTML.

• AngularJS code is unit testable.

• AngularJS makes usage of separation of concerns and utilizes dependency injection.

• AngularJS gives reusable components.

• With AngularJS, the developers can create web applications more dynamically.

• In AngularJS, views are pure HTML pages, and controllers written in JavaScript do the business processing.

Is AngularJS the Same as JavaScript?

 AngularJS is a JavaScript framework but for sure it is not the same as JavaScript. Using AngularJS means making the developer’s work simpler. Its goal is to develop rich web applications efficiently. As a result, we must maintain less code while creating the user interface.

 JavaScript is meant to create dynamic web applications, but AngularJS is used to develop large single-page applications. The syntax of JavaScript is more complex than Angular JS.

Why You Should Learn AngularJS?

 Learning AngularJS helps you become familiar with the fundamentals of programming. You will learn about bindings, services, components, directives, filters, dependency injection, localization, routes, internationalization, and much more.

 By learning AngularJS, you will realize that it needs less code to maintain and will be able to write clear and maintainable code. You’ll also have a better understanding of what’s going on under the hood when working with web technologies.

 Developers are only needed to add dependencies as a parameter. AngularJS makes the work simple for developers and displays dependencies immediately. In the case of Single Page Applications, ` developers can easily add dependencies and dynamic loading without bothering about spinning up an instance or namespace. Overall AngularJS makes unit testing much easier.

Bottom Line

 If you want to start your career as a developer, then learning Angular JS will be highly beneficial for you. It is designed to develop single-page web, typescript, components, directives, and so on. To get a thorough knowledge of Angular JS, you can connect with Ranklogiq  and boost your career in the field of Web Development and Digital Marketing.

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