Know What is Data Science & How it can be Useful in Future?

Know What is Data Science & How it can be Useful in Future?

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What is Data Science?

 Data Science is growing rapidly worldwide, almost every sector is bending toward data science, then the question comes what is Data Science and how does it work? Well! In a simple word, it’s an art and science of finding patterns within data or information.

 In business, data plays a major role. With the help of data mining, we can reveal unseen patterns or trends within the information. Data Science has a complete lifecycle, by following it, the Data Scientists can pull out clear and authentic data.

What Process Does Data Science follow to Work?

 Data Science is like fuel for today’s world. Any of your online searches whether you are looking for a coffee shop or using a fitness tracker, it is all acting as data for data scientists. Now the point comes to how the data scientist utilizes these raw data? So, it’s important to know the process through which the Data Scientist extracts the refined data from the raw one.

The 5 Processes are –

1. Capture – This stage is meant to collect Raw Structured or Unstructured Data. It consists of Data Entry, Data Acquisition, Data Extraction, and Signal Reception.

2. Maintain – This stage gives a usable form after collecting the data. It has Data Cleansing, Data Warehousing, Data Architecture, Data Processing, etc.

3. Process – In this stage, the prepared data is used to study its pattern or trends to understand how useful for further analysis.

4. Analyze – This stage is meant to analyze the data and sort it clearly. It has Text Mining, Qualitative Analysis, Regression, and Confirmatory/Exploratory.

5. Communicate – This is the final stage, in which the analysts prepare the reports in chart or graphs forms. It contains, Data Reporting, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, and decisions Making.

How a Data Science Can be Useful?

• Data Science is used in Cybersecurity, it is used in the early detection of any fraud, crime, disease, etc.

• Financial Industries could save million of dollars by just using Machine Learning and Data Science. It helps for decision-making and extracts vital data through background checks, worthiness, credit, etc.

• With Data Science, you can classify emails as important or junk.

• Data Science is also applied in predicting the revenue, sales, and customer retention for businesses.

• It detects patterns of the weather or financial market patterns, etc.

• It is helpful to recognize the voice, facial, text, etc.

• As per your views or preferences, recommendation engines suggest you to movies, restaurants, books, etc.

Career as a Data Scientist?

 The job of a Data Scientist is to analyse the data of businesses and conclude it with concrete insights in a form of various reports. By using these analytic reports, future sales or revenue can be forecasted. 

 Data Science has a bright future, in America Data scientists have considered one of the best Jobs as per the current survey. If you are looking for stability with good pay, then you must inculcate these skills in you.

Bottom Line

 Data Science is in high demand, if you want to begin your career then it may help you to start well. Learning Data Science makes you fit not only as a data Scientist but also you can work as Data Analyst or Data Engineer only you need to have some set of skills to crack the positions.

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